Recidency for writers and artists at Vinha Bookstore

When autumn comes, the accommodation floor at Vinha is transformed from a place where tourists stay into a residency for writers and artists for nearly the whole winter season (until the end of March). Professional artists, writers, illustrators, translators, researchers and creators from different creative fields can apply for a residency. The residency offers a peaceful and cosy work environment in Ruovesi village, close to beautiful nature. We want to provide a setting that allows people to focus on creative work. At Vinha, people live and work in the upstairs of a bookstore. 

We value community and the sharing of information. We aim to create a place and an atmosphere that enables this. Artists can enrich their residency by getting to know the nature of the area, the countryside, the locals and other artists in residency and the opportunity to work together with other cultural actors in the area, or they can focus completely on their own work. Vinha welcomes various cooperative projects between artists and the local community (by advance agreement).

On occasion, Vinha’s producer organises trips for those staying at the residency where they can visit local natural sites such as Helvetinjärvi National Park or artistic sites in the neighbouring area; examples of these include Murole Church, various sites in Mänttä, etc. Please already let us know what you would like to do when applying for a residency.

Vinha has a good relationship with the municipality of Ruovesi, the local library, schools, press, businesses and the village community as well as other artistic operators in the Pirkanmaa region. Together with different parties, we have started the ‘Lukeva Ruovesi’ (Ruovesi Reads) activity, among other things. Our aim is to establish networks in the field of literature and offer meeting places for writers and readers and to promote the position of literature in Finland in general. Visual artists can also apply for a residency at Vinha – you can rent workspace affordably from our partners.

Applying for a residency

You can apply for a residency by sending a brief, free-form email and attaching the following to the message:

  • a clear and concise working plan for the residency (max. A4)
  • resumé/CV
  • portfolio/link to website (or three images of recent works for visual artists)
  • desired period of time with options (you can use the accommodation booking calendar on our website to check which periods are free)
  • desired length of the residency (€250 per week)
  • the residency opens on 15 September and residencies change on Fridays
  • our residency season lasts until the end of March, but some residencies may also be possible in April and May depending on the accommodation bookings – please contact us and ask!

Applications for a residency are always open. Criteria for selection include a working plan and previous works.  Send applications and their attachments to the address

When your application has been processed, you will receive an answer in your email. After you have received it, follow these steps:
if your application was approved, use the accommodation booking system on Vinha’s website to request a booking for your residency and enter your payment card information into the system at the same time. When the booking request has been approved, the residency fee will be charged to your account.

See the residency prices and instructions.

Artists who have sought inspiration from Ruovesi and worked there over the years include some of the most famous names in Finland: Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Hugo Simberg, Ellen Thesleff, Louis Sparre, Jean Sibelius, J. L. Runeberg, Werner Holmberg, Elga Sesemann, Louis Sparre, Alice Kaira, Kalle Päätalo, Eeva-Liisa Manner, Heidi Köngäs and Eppu Nuotio – Why not join them?

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