Instructions for residency

No residency agreements are drawn up for the residencies at Vinha; instead, all residency applicants commit to following the attached instructions when they apply

  • Those who arrive for a residency are not in an employment relationship with Vinhan kirjakauppa Oy.
  • The minimum period invoiced is one week, and it is charged via the accommodation booking system when the booking request is approved. You can submit a booking request in the system immediately after the residency application has been approved by email.
  • Vinhan kirjakauppa Oy is not responsible for the insurance of those who arrive for a residency or for the insurance of their works.
  • When artists arrive, they must show that they have a valid accident insurance policy for the residency.
  • Those arriving for a residency commit to respecting the other people staying at the residency, for example by taking care of basic cleanliness, especially in the common areas, and following the quiet hours of the house (from 24:00 midnight to 6:00)
  • The right to use the residency room only applies to the area/areas mentioned in the booking. The accommodation of external parties in the residency rooms is prohibited. The rules and regulations in general use in housing companies apply to the guests at the residency.
  • When guests arrive at the residency, each guest reviews the Rules and Instructions of Residency at Vinhan kirjakauppa and commits to following them.
  • €50 per mechanical or electronic key is charged for a lost key.
  • Guests at the residency are liable to compensate any damage they cause to the building or its movable property.
  • Artists pay for the materials they use, tools, equipment and food and travel expenses themselves.
  • The artists in residency must know how to use the equipment they need.
  • The residency cannot be used as your official address; instead, you must have a permanent address elsewhere.
  • A short pop-up exhibition can be held at the Vinha café during the residency, in which previous works can also be exhibited. The exhibitions are agreed on a case-by-case basis in advance.
  • Vinha withholds a commission (20%) of any works sold at the pop-up exhibitions.
  • It is hoped that the artists in residency will have a positive attitude towards the local community and publicity.
  • If they wish, the artists in residency can give an Artist Talk or organise a course, Open Studio, discussion event, readings, a meeting with the author, school visit or workshop at Vinha, for example. They will be agreed in advance and on a case-by-case basis. Vinha will help with the arrangements and publicity. It is also possible to focus completely on working, if desired.
  • Residencies are open for both Finnish and international guests.
  • Residency work requires either Finnish or English language skills.
  • If the booking situation allows, the residency rooms can also be rented to other actors in the cultural field.
  • Vinha is a safe space. Everyone is respected equally at Vinha without prejudice and the aim is to understand special needs. Discrimination or harassment is not tolerated on our premises.
  • The residency rooms are primarily intended for one person. However, two people can apply for the same room with a joint application, and the spouse of an artist in residency can send their own working plan and resumé. A spouse without a working plan can, if necessary, also stay the night at Vinha when bringing a person to the residency or picking them up from the residency; an additional fee of €30 per night is charged for this.
  • A small group (max. 9 people) can also apply for a residency. In that case, the guests share the accommodation rooms (3 x double room and 1 x triple room). The arrangements of group residencies are agreed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Pets are welcome in the Kulmakammari room at Vinha upon agreement and if the artists working with you are fine with it. Please note in your application if you want to bring your pet with you for your residency. The additional fee for a pet is €19/week.
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