History of Vinha Bookstore

Vinha Bookstore (Vinhan kirjakauppa) is more than just a building in the centre of Ruovesi. It is an institution, a tourist attraction and a landmark. In its own way, the bookshop has represented stability and continuity in the area, and it is still standing strong. The bookbinder Kustaa Wilenius (1873–1962) established the bookshop in 1903, and the building was completed in 1931. The bookshop was run as a family business for four generations, and those years covered an uncounted number of days full of life. 

The whole history of the store has been published in Finnish in the book Vinhan kirjakauppa 120 vuotta (1903–2023), edited by Jyrki Liikka, Pasi Vainio, Mikko Vartiainen and Kati Pihkanen.

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